Coldstream Mini-Diggers operate in and around the North East of Scotland providing Mini-Digger services to private individuals and small to medium sized companies at very competitive rates.
Our Mini-Diggers are ideal for ground clearance and levelling whether as a part of your Garden Landscaping or preparation for your new car park. Our highly trained Mini-Digger operators can get a job done in hours that could take months using traditional tools.
Coldstream Mini-Diggers are also your perfect solution for moving and removing rubble, debris and large rocks as our state of the art Mini-Diggers can lift and carry objects weighing up to half a tonne. But what will impress you most about our Mini-Diggers is that their comparatively small size allows them to operate in far smaller areas than say a JCB or bull dozer with far more manoeuvrability and far less impact to the environment that they are working in.
At Coldstream Mini-Diggers we always make sure that the customer comes first as well as receiving a first class affordable service. Thank you for your interest, please contact us for any more information.